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"As a home-school teacher to my 4 year old... Thank you so much for the fantastic variety of FREE worksheets. The cost of purchasing books to obtain the same education is just outrageous. Finding your sight has made my life so much easier and affordable to provide my son the education that he's unfortunately not receiving in pre-school."
- Gabby and Nikko

"I just wanted to write in to tell you what a wonderful website this is! I scour the internet trying to find fun crafts for my 3 & 1/2 year old, and most of the time the printables are too difficult for him, or they are to difficult to print. This website is perfect! All Kids Network is now my number one bookmark!"
- Diana

"I just wanted you to know how much we LOVE your site and all of the worksheets, crafts, templates…EVERYTHING you provide! Thank you for this wonderful resource."
- Kathy

"I love all the ideas and keep going back for more. We did the spider (with foam ball), the tree with fingerprints as the leaves, the puffball chicks. I went and bought the stuff to do more and just printed out about 10 more to work on!!! Thanks for a great site!!!"
- Nichole

"Just a note to say that I am impressed with all the hard work that went into your website. I work in a daycare with 2 and 3 year olds, I love looking for new material and ideas all the time. Great job, look forward to seeing more. Thank you."
- Liz

"I am a preschool teacher. I absolutely LOVE your adorable crafts. They are so simple and very cute. Thank you!"
- Jenifer

"I teach a preschool art class at our homeschool co-op. These dino crafts are amazing! I can’t wait to use them. Thank you so much for the great ideas and templates."
- Jacqueline

"I've just came across this site, and I must let you know,- this is BY FAR the best site EVER that I could find on the internet! So easy to use, soooo fun for little kids, great pictures, -everything is done so professionally! Congratulations for an awesome job you've done in helping us the parents and most important our little ones to learn in such a fun way so many many things (colors, numbers, letters, name it) I wish you can put all this things together and make a complete book that we could buy it here in Canada! I've never ever seen such amazing job!!!"
- Sanda

"I just wanted to let you know, that I really love your website! The printable worksheet are wonderful, and my students love them! They are very kid-friendly, and my students get excited about is just like a treat for them that they don't even realize is work! It is so nice to find a site that doesn't cost an arm and a leg...being a teacher I don't have extra money. It is really refreshing to find people that create such a quality website for others to use!"
- Bonnie

"Thank you for sharing such simple, yet unique crafts for kids!"
- Tammy

"I just wanted to thank you for such an all inclusive, easy to use, fun website. Too often when I search for free pages for my kids, I get links upon links upon links to connect to that never lead me anywhere. Your website is consistent with papers my Kindergarten daughter brings home from school, and your site is so simple to use. I Googled "Free children's color by numbers" and was so excited to come up with your site. Again, I cannot thank you enough and look forward to receiving your weekly additions via e-mail."
- Lisa

"Thanks for your awesome newsletter. I look forward to putting ideas into practise in my new class. :-)"
- Janice

"I thought you might like to know how useful your colour recognition worksheets are. I am a Learning Support Assistant working with a young child with developmental delay. I am trying to find different ways to teach colours, initially by teaching one colour at a time. Your worksheets are great because I can ask the child to show me something that is red, or not red (our current colour!)"
- Caroline

"I just found your website when looking for worksheet to teach my girls(ages 4 and 2) their shapes. I love your worksheets! set up to easily print and in either b/w or color! I was so excited I let my sister-in-law know about this site right away as she home schools her 3 boys. She has used many websites to add to her curriculum and absolutely loved your website! Please continue to keep it free!"
- Elizabeth

"I just want to thank you and your family for sharing such an amazing web-site! I teach students with various disabilities and I also have a 2 year old granddaughter---so I am looking forward to using many of your great ideas."
- Ann

"I just wanted to thank you for providing us with this worksheets. I am American living abroad and this is helping me soooo much."
- Nabila

"i just wanted to send you a note to say thank you for your great site. i found it while i was looking for information to help my daughter make a Father's Day book. i looked at other sites, but they either wanted you to sign up or pay for the information."
- Beth

"I am so thankful for all the work you put into your site. I have been using your worksheets since my son was 2 for each holiday/season along with our curriculum. I am so glad that you have a range of levels to work from. My now 3 year old is working on your ones that count numbers above 10 and my 14 month old loves to help me count the items on your ones lower than 10. I just realized that we're going to be able to use the printing practice fall words one this year!"
- Kerri

"i'd just like to say what a brilliant website you've all created! filled with lots of crafts and activities for the children to do over the weekends and holidays.i have been checking out all the latest craft printable websites online a i think your one of the best! thanks very much you've made a mother's life so much easier to entertain my 4 yr old!"
- Barbara

"Hi, I am just looking at your website for the first time and felt I had to e-mail you to say thank you! Not sure of the set-up there but get the impression it is a home-start business and you are doing all this with your daughter. I am a newly single mum with 2 pre-school children and I just wonder how you do all this? It is a fantastic site and one that I will come back to many times."
- Louth

"I just wanted to drop you a line and say THANK YOU so much for this web sight. I found it by mistake but just love it. I work with a Mentally challenged Adult female who is 40 with the mind of a 7-8 year old. I am always looking for crafts that she is able to do and would enjoy doing. I was looking for a project for her to do for our County Fair when i stumbled on your website I will be using it a lot. Thanks again."
- Sharon

"I just found your site and absolutely love it. I'm very impressed with the quality and content. Keep up the GREAT work!"
- Sandra

"I love this website! I am a working mommie with a 4 year old daughter and I get so many great printable worksheets we do together every day as we play school. She is such a bright, smart little girl. I just want to say thank you for such a wonderful resource to find helpful craft, worksheet, etc."
- Kristie

"Just want to tell you how much I appreciate the monthly newsletter and all the craft and activities you have to offer. I have 3 yr old twins and a 1 yr old and we completed the Scarecrow paper bag this weekend and had fun. All the crafts and worksheets are great as well. One of the twins absolutely loves the worksheets and is so incredibly bright that I'm always looking for things to stimulate her mind. I love it!!!"
- Bobbie

"Your website is WONDERFUL!!!! You have made life so much easier for me, with the new ideas and new worksheets to work with my childcare children with. Thank you for your very hard and dedicated work for our children."
- Paula

"I need to tell you, your website is awesome! I am so impressed with the hard work you have all done to make this a great site to visit and find fun and easy ideas for kids. Congrats on a job well done!"
- Liz

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