Turn your preschooler into a world-class sandwich chef. Mix up unique sandwiches using the letters of the alphabet to form simple sight words. After creating this entertaining paper craft, let your preschooler spend the afternoon exploring the letters of the alphabet! Whacky Sandwiches will even expose your child to some new types of food they might even want to try!

What you'll need:

  • Colored Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • 1 black marker
  • Crayons or markers
  • Ziploc bag
How to make your alphabet sandwiches craft:
  1. With adult supervision, cut out two thin, rectangular pieces of brown cardstock to represent the "bread". Set aside. (see photos)
  2. Using the scissors, cut out a thin "slice" of each of the following colors of cardstock. Write the sandwich ingredient that corresponds with each piece of cardstock in the center of the cardstock. On the left and right side, write the first letter of the sandwich ingredient as a capital letter. For example, for lettuce, write "L" on the ends of the cardstock. (see photos)
    • A= avocado (dark green)
    • B= bologna (pink)
    • C= cheese (yellow)
    • D= dill pickles (light green)
    • E= egg salad (light yellow)
    • F= Fluffernutter (white)
    • G= green peppers (green)
    • H= ham (pink)
    • I= Italian dressing (beige)
    • J= jelly (purple)
    • K= ketchup (red)
    • L= lettuce (green)
    • M= mayonnaise (white)
    • N= Nutella (dark brown)
    • O= onion slices (purple)
    • P= peanut butter (light brown)
    • Q= Queso cheese (orange)
    • R= roast beef (brown)
    • S= salami (pink)
    • T= tuna salad (light pink)
    • U= Ugli tomatoes (red)
    • V= vegetables (your choice!)
    • W= walnut butter (light brown)
    • X= Xtreme hot sauce (red)
    • Y= yellow cheese (yellow)
    • Z= zucchini slices (green)
  3. If desired, decorate each piece of cardstock so that it looks more like the sandwich item it represents. For example, cheese, you may wish to draw holes on the cardstock to represent Swiss cheese. (see photos)
  4. You are now ready to create some whacky sandwiches. Starting with the bread, put the letters of the alphabet in order and see what your complete sandwich looks like. Then, try spelling words like "and," "but," "cat," "dog," "is," and "it". See what fun sandwich combinations you come up with! (see photos)
  5. When not in use, store your Whacky Alphabet Sandwich pieces in the large Ziploc bag. (see photos)
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