Children love the stories of Curious George. Make the stories even more fun with the Curious George Crate of Monkeys craft. This craft uses a template provided to create miniature monkeys out of cardstock and twist ties. Once complete, children can hang their monkeys by hands and feet to make a chain. This fun activity includes instructions for a decorative barrel to store the monkeys in- making it a perfect toy for on the go!

What you'll need:

How to make your Curious George craft:
  • Print out the Curious George Monkeys in a Crate template onto that color cardstock. Color and cut out the monkeys' heads and bodies. (see photos)
  • Attach the bodies and heads with glue. (see photos)
  • Cut the twist ties in half. Place four dots of glue on the back of the monkeys' bodies and place the ends of the twist ties on these dots of glue as the arms and legs. Press down on the twist ties so that they are securely in place. Allow the glue to dry. Once the glue is dry, bend the twist ties at the ends so that they form a hook. Repeat with all ten monkeys. (see photos)
  • Decorate a box to look like a crate by covering it in brown cardstock and using a black marker to draw lines on it. You may want to label the box with signs that say "Fragile," "Caution: Live Animals," "Handle with Care," or "Live Animals". (see photos)
  • Hang your monkeys by their arms and legs. See what funny chains you can make!
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