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Boat and Ocean Animals Coloring Page

Boat and Ocean Animals Coloring Page

Color this picture of a boat on the ocean along with some cute ocean animals.

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even numbers maze

Even Numbers Maze

Follow the even numbers in order from 2 to 50 to get through this maze worksheet.

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odd numbers maze

Odd Numbers Maze

Follow the odd numbers in order from 1 to 49 to get through this maze worksheets.

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animals graphing worksheet

Graphing Worksheet with Animals Theme

Review the graph of the farm animals and use it to answer each of the questions.

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facing left worksheet

Animals Facing Left Worksheet

Left worksheet - kids are asked to look at all the animals and circle only the ones that are facing left.

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left right worksheet animals

Left and Right Worksheet - Animals Theme

Kids are asked to look at the two animals in each box and follow the directions to circle either the animal on the left or right.

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even and odd number mazes

Odd and Even Number Mazes

Some simple odd and even number maze worksheets for kids. These can be used as a quick review to make sure kids know their odd and even numbers.

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