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even numbers maze

Even Numbers Maze

Follow the even numbers in order from 2 to 50 to get through this maze worksheet.

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odd numbers maze

Odd Numbers Maze

Follow the odd numbers in order from 1 to 49 to get through this maze worksheets.

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reading comprehension worksheet - going to the park

Complete the Sentences - Going to the Park Reading Comprehension Worksheet

Read the short story about playing at the park and then circle the answer that best completes each of the sentences.

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even and odd number mazes

Odd and Even Number Mazes

Some simple odd and even number maze worksheets for kids. These can be used as a quick review to make sure kids know their odd and even numbers.

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Super Hero Super Day Greeting Card

Super Hero Super Day Greeting Card

Make anyone feel special with the Super Hero Super Day Greeting Card! Create your own card from colored cardstock, markers, glue, and scissors. Once complete, make a bunch and deliver them to a homeless shelter or senior citizens home!

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tracing lines worksheet

Trace Lines from Bottom to Top

Practice drawing lines from bottom to top and get ready for writing while developing fine motor skills.

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addition worksheet 1

The Miller Family’s Renovation - Area and Perimeter Worksheet

Help the Miller family renovate their home by figuring out the answers to the questions in this worksheet.

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