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3d shape recognition worksheet

3D Shape Recognition Worksheet

Identify and count each of the different 3D sha...

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faces, edges and vertices worksheet

Faces, Edges and Vertices Worksheet

Identify the faces, edges and vertices of each ...

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pyramid worksheet

Pyramid Worksheet

What is a pyramid?

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3d shape to name matching worksheet

3D Shape to Name Matching Worksheet

Match each of the 3D shapes with its name

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cone properties worksheet

Cone Properties Worksheet

Identify the properties of a cone.

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triangular prism worksheet

Triangular Prism Worksheet

What is a triangular prism?

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what shape am i worksheet

What Shape am I?

Decide if each shape is 2D or 3D and write its ...

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cube worksheet

Cube Worksheet

What is a cube?

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polygon worksheet

3D Shape Matching Worksheet

Color the correct 3D shape in each row.

3d shape matching worksheet

3D Shape Matching Worksheet

Match each of the 3D shape outlines with item o...

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