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dinosaur counting worksheet

Count and Color the Dinosaurs

Count and color numbers 1 - 5

frog connect the dots worksheet

Frog connect the dots numbers 1 - 10 worksheet

Connect the dots from numbers 1 - 10

pets graphing worksheet

Bar Graph Worksheet with Pets Theme

Look at the bar graph of animals and write the cor...

animals word recognition worksheet

Recognize Words Worksheet - Animal Names

Draw a line to match the words with the different ...

word recognition worksheet animals

Animal Names Word Recognition Worksheet

Draw a line to match the words with the different ...

Dog Color by Number

Dog Color by Number

Use the key to color the picture of the dog.

fish color by numbers worksheet

Fish Color by Numbers

Color the fish by numbers 1 - 5.

farm animal number matching worksheet

Farm matching numbers worksheet

Farm animal number matching 1 to 5

pets counting worksheet

Pets counting practice worksheet

Count the pets - numbers 1 - 5