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What Angle Is It?

What Angle Is It?

Measure each angle and decide what type of angl...

easy measurement height worksheet

Which is Longer?

For each question, circle the length that is lo...

multiplication worksheets

Multiplication Worksheets for Kids

This set of math worksheets is geared towards h...

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Matching Angles Worksheet

Matching Angles Worksheet

Draw a line to match each of the angles with th...

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long division worksheet 5

Long Division Worksheet 5

6 hard long division problems for kids to practice

division practice worksheets

Division Practice Worksheets

This collection of division practice worksheets...

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Beginner Area Worksheet

Beginner Area Worksheet

Use this worksheet as an introduction to calcul...

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Using a Calendar Worksheet

Using a Calendar Worksheet

Look at the calendar and then answer the questi...

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hard long division worksheet

Hard Long Division Worksheet

4 hard long division problems for kids to practice

simple division worksheet 5

Simple Division Worksheet 5

16 simple division problems

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simple division worksheet 6

Simple Division Worksheet 6

16 simple division problems

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division remainders worksheets

Simple Division Worksheets with Remainders

This section of division worksheets is dedicate...

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Spring Rounding Worksheet

Spring Rounding Worksheet

Practice rounding with a fun spring theme.

division worksheet 2 with remainders

Division with Remainders Worksheet 2

16 division problems that include remainders

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Reading a Calendar Worksheet

Reading a Calendar Worksheet

Answer the questions using the calendar as a re...

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