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valentines day syllables worksheet

Valentine's Day Syllables Worksheet

Count the syllables of each word and circle the...

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valentines day subtraction worksheet

Valentine's Day Subtraction Worksheet

Practice subtraction skills by filling in the e...

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about me cursive writing practice worksheet

Valentine's Day Punctuation Worksheet

Read the Valentine's Day sentences and choose t...

Measuring Angles Worksheet 1

Measuring Angles Worksheet 1

Measure each of the angles with a protractor an...

Measuring Angles Worksheet 2

Measuring Angles Worksheet 2

Use a protractor to measure each of the angles.

easy measurement worksheets

Units of Measurement Worksheets

Teach students about the the different units fo...

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measurement practice worksheets

Practice Measuring Worksheets

Cut out the measuring bar at the bottom or each...

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easy measurement worksheets

Easy Measurement Worksheets

This collection of measurement worksheets is fo...

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valentines day secret word worksheet

Valentine's Day Secret Word Worksheet

Color in the letters that will go together to s...

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beginning letters worksheet

Valentine's Day Beginning Letters Worksheet

Circle the correct beginning letter for each of...

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Valentine's Day Color By Shapes

Valentine's Day Color By Shapes

Color the sections based on the shape key to re...

valentines day worksheet counting twelve

Valentine's Day Worksheet - Counting Twelve

Count the number of cupids and the circle the c...

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valentine's day reading comprehension worksheet

Valentine's Day Reading Comprehension Worksheet

Read the short Valentine's Day story and answer...

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