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color practice worksheets

Kids Learning Colors Worksheets

This set of learning colors worksheets is perfe...

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draw lines worksheet

Kids Traceable Lines Worksheet

Tracing lines is an important step in writing r...

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kids graphing worksheet

Kids Graphing Worksheet

Look at the bar graph and color the correct num...

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beginning sounds worksheet

Beginning Sounds - Set 1 : Worksheet Three of Six

Circle the letter that makes the beginning soun...

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Circle the Vertebrates Worksheet

Circle the Vertebrates Worksheet

Trace the word “Vertebrate” and then circle the...

Letter E Worksheets

Letter E Worksheets

All of our worksheets for the letter E.

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Trace, Cut and Paste Letter E Worksheet

Trace, Cut and Paste Letter E Worksheet

Trace the letter E's, then cut and paste the Ea...

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color recognition worksheets

Color Recognition Worksheets for Kids

This collection of worksheets will help you tea...

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scissor skills worksheets

Scissor Skills Worksheets for Kids

This set of preschool worksheets will get kids ...

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