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color matching worksheets

Matching Colors Worksheets

This collection of color worksheets has kids ma...

color practice worksheets

Kids Learning Colors Worksheets

This set of learning colors worksheets is perfe...

learn about colors worksheets

Learn about Colors

Help kids learn about primary and secondary col...

shapes and colors worksheets

Shape and Colors Worksheets

These worksheets are perfect for kids to practi...

dairy worksheets

Dairy Worksheets

Learn about dairy foods while practicing skills...

African Animals Worksheets

African Animals Worksheets

Lions, elephants, zebras, giraffes, cheetahs an...

color matching

Color by Name Worksheets

Color the themed objects by the color name.

Animal Mix and Match Worksheets

Animal Mix and Match Worksheets

The animals in these worksheets got all mixed u...

color recognition worksheets

Color Recognition Worksheets for Kids

This collection of worksheets will help you tea...

fruit worksheets

Fruit Worksheets

Learn about fruit while practicing skills like ...

vegetable worksheets

Vegetable Worksheets

Learn about vegetables while practicing skills ...

food group worksheets

Food Groups Worksheets

Learn about the food groups while practicing sk...

Bug Worksheets

Bug Worksheets

Learn about bugs with this set of free workshee...