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above below worksheet animals

Above and Below Worksheet - Animals Theme

Follow the simple instructions in this free wor...

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before and after coloring worksheet

Before and After Coloring Worksheet

Children are asked to follow the directions and...

  • 3,272
long and short matching

Long and Short Matching Worksheet

Kids are asked to match the different length cl...

  • 6,058
tall and short worksheet

Tall and Short Worksheet

Kids are asked to determine which objects are t...

  • 1,203
same shape worksheet

Same Shape Worksheet

Find and circle the shape that is the same as t...

  • 4,071
same sport worksheet

Sports Theme Same Worksheet

Find and circle the sports ball that is the sam...

  • 3,198
big and small worksheet

Big and Small Worksheet

Follow the directions and identify which shapes...

  • 3,312
same size worksheet

Dinosaur Same Size Worksheet

Identify the different dinosaurs that are the s...

  • 1,885
same word worksheet

Same Word Worksheet

Find and circle the word that is the same as th...

  • 2,627
thinking activity worksheet vehicles

Thinking Skills Activity Worksheet - Vehicles

This thinking skills worksheet gives kids a set...

  • 4,491
thinking activity worksheet numbers

Thinking Skills Activity Worksheet - Numbers

There are 3 clues in this thinking skills works...

  • 3,584
black and white big and small worksheet

Big and Small Matching Worksheet - Black and White

Black and white shape matching worksheet. Draw...

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length worksheets

Teach Length - Long and Short Worksheets

Use this set of printable worksheets to teach k...

  • 26,424
preschool size worksheets

Preschool Size Worksheets

This collection of preschool curriculum workshe...

  • 31,419
learn left right worksheet vehicles

Learn Left and Right Worksheet - Vehicles Theme

Help kids learn their left and right with this ...

  • 2,627