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consonant blend word search two

Consonant Blend Word Search - Two of Four

Find the words clown, green, space, small and m...

Summer Beginning Letters Worksheet

Summer Beginning Letters Worksheet

Color in the correct first letter and write it ...

phonics worksheet

Recognize Consonants and Vowels Worksheet

Practice the ability to recognize consonants an...

matching consonant blends worksheet 1

Matching Consonant Blends Worksheet - One of Four

Match each of the consonant blends pr, cl, sl, ...

Summer Beginning Sounds Worksheet

Summer Beginning Sounds Worksheet

Look at each summer thing and circle the letter...

consonant blend word search one

Consonant Blend Word Search - One of Four

Find the words cloud, plant, star, frog and man...

consonant blend word search three

Consonant Blend Word Search - Three of Four

Find the words train, sled, grass, smell and ma...

consonant blend word search four

Consonant Blend Word Search - Four of Four

Find the words clock, plane, drum, stairs and m...

beginning consonants worksheets

Beginning Letters Worksheets

Color and write the correct letter for the begi...

Summer Beginning Sounds Cut and Paste Worksheet

Summer Beginning Sounds Cut and Paste Worksheet

Cut out the letters and paste them next to the ...

rhyming worksheet three

Rhyming Worksheet - Set 3 : Worksheet 3 of 4

Match the words that rhyme by drawing a line to...

rhyming words worksheet

Rhyming Worksheet - Set 1 : Worksheet Four of Four

Match the rhyming words by drawing a line to co...

Summer Fill in the Vowel Worksheet

Summer Fill in the Vowel Worksheet

Fill in the missing vowels in each summer word.

ending consonant worksheets

Fill in the Ending Consonants Worksheets

This group of ending consonants worksheets asks...

matching beginning sounds worksheets

Matching Beginning Sounds Worksheets

This group of beginning sounds phonics pages as...