Mouse starts with the letter m, and with some paper ears and a tail this letter M can become a mouse. This cute letter m mouse craft was a family favorite and soon we had a whole collection of little M mice. Our daughter loved it when we made our mouse pretend to eat everything he saw and kept saying "mmm-mmm-good" to further drive home the sound the letter m makes. This is a great letter of the week craft for the letter M or just a great letter craft all on its own.

What you'll need:

How to make your letter H horse craft:
  1. Print our Letter H Horse Template and cut the pieces out. Trace all of the pieces onto brown construction paper, except for the hooves which should go on black. Cut out your pieces.
  2. Glue the hooves onto the bottoms of the letter H "legs".
  3. Glue the head on to the top part of the letter H. Use a marker to draw on a smile and glue on a googly eye and the ears.
  4. Cut the brown yarn so you have even pieces. Glue these onto the letter H behind the horse's head to make a mane.
  5. Cut a few more pieces of brown yarn, slightly longer than before, to turn into a tail. Our daughter (age 2) got frustrated at trying to glue down all the pieces of yarn because they didn't look right to her. So instead we tied the pieces together at the top with an extra piece of yarn to make a premade tail. She was much happier gluing this on. Either way will work so pick what works best for your child.
letter h horse craft letter m mouse craft materials