This letter L lamp craft is fun for all ages. Have your child say the "L" sound as they make their lamp. Let he/she use their creativity when decorating. This is a great activity for home or for the classroom setting.

What you'll need:

How to make your letter L lamp craft:
  1. Print out the letter and the lampshade/plug templates.
  2. Cut them out and trace the letter L on the yellow paper. Trace the lampshade on the white paper.
  3. Glue the letter L to the middle of a white sheet of construction paper. This will serve as the base of the lamp.
  4. Use the markers and color the lampshade however you would like. Glue on top of the letter L.
  5. With a black marker, draw a cord coming from the base of the lamp.
  6. Color in the plug template in black and cut out to glue at the end of the cord. 7. Cut 2, one inch pipe cleaners and glue to the end of the plug.
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