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Our whole family really enjoyed making this caterpillar craft. It is simple enough that with a little direction our 2 year old daughter was able to put this craft together by herself (plus, she loves playing in the pom-pom container!). After running this craft by our quality assurance department (a.k.a. our toddler), we made two small modifications to our original design. In our original version below we had only eyes on the face and we had two pipe cleaner antennae on the craft. Our daughter informed us that the caterpillar didn't need the "sticks" (antennae) and that he needed "to be happy and have a nose" - it's comments like that which makes crafting with young children so much fun! Enjoy making this caterpillar craft for kids - it also makes a great spring craft for kids.
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What You'll Need


If you would like to make the version with antennae, cut a couple two inch long pieces of pipe cleaner. Glue and tape these pieces onto the back of a popsicle stick. The tape just provides extra support (see image at right). Turn the stick over to go to the next step.


Glue the pop-poms to the popsicle stick (so that the stick is completely covered), making the first pom-pom the largest one used.


Glue two googly eyes onto the face of the caterpillar.


If you would like to make the happy version with a nose, cut a smile and a nose out of construction paper and glue them onto the face of the caterpillar.