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read and sequence shopping story

Sequencing the Story Worksheet - Going Shopping

Read the story about going shopping and then write...

easy subtraction worksheet four

Easy Subtraction Worksheet 4

20 simple subtraction problems

sports graphing worksheet

Graphing Worksheet with Sports Theme

Review the graph of the sports balls and use it to...

Numerator and Denominator Worksheet

Numerator and Denominator Worksheet

Simple worksheet to work on identifying the numera...

Picture Prompt Writing Worksheet - Sledding Story

Picture Prompt Writing Worksheet - Sledding Story

Kids sledding picture prompt writing worksheet wit...

compound noun types worksheet

What are Compound Nouns Worksheet 2

Identify the parts of compound nouns

say, trace and write long u words worksheet

Say, Trace and Write long u Words

Say, trace and then write each of the long u words...

beginning sounds worksheet

Beginning Sounds - Set 1 : Worksheet Six of Six

Circle the letter that makes the beginning sound o...

2 digit addition worksheet

Addition Worksheet 4

20 two digit addition problems

Missing Numbers in Fraction Equations Worksheet 1

Missing Numbers in Fraction Equations Worksheet 1

Fill in the missing numbers for each fraction addi...

consonant blends worksheet one

Consonant Blends Worksheet - One of Four

Identify the consonant blends sk, cl, pr and st.

word recognition worksheet vehicles

Vehicle Names Worksheet

Practice word recognition by matching the vehicles...