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simple subtraction worksheet two

Easy Subtraction Worksheet 2

20 simple subtraction problems

say, trace and write -ed words worksheet

Say, Trace and Write -ed Words

Say, trace and then write each of the words ending...

Fraction Fun Worksheet 1

Fraction Fun Worksheet 1

Great worksheet to start with to introduce fractio...

skip counting by tens worksheet

Skip Counting by Ten Worksheet

This skip counting worksheets will help you teach ...

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages Worksheet 3

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages Worksheet 3

Use the model to figure out the fraction, decimal ...

sentences with short o words worksheet

Sentences with Short o Words

Write sentences using short o words from the word ...

long a word puzzle worksheet

Long a Word Puzzle Worksheet

Use the shapes of the boxes to help figure out whi...

match consonant sounds worksheet two

Matching Consonant Sounds - Worksheet Two

Match the picture of the fan, bus, hat and lamp wi...

addition worksheet 1

Subtraction Word Problems Worksheet

Use simple subtraction to solve the 5 word problem...

plural animals worksheet

Make Animal Names Plural

Look at each of the animal pictures and write the ...

beginning sounds worksheet

Beginning Sounds - Set 1 : Worksheet Four of Six

Circle the letter that makes the beginning sound o...

long vowel u worksheet

Long Vowel U Worksheet

Fill in the missing long vowel U in each of the wo...