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matching contractions worksheet

Matching Contractions

Draw a line to connect the contractions on one sid...

Picture Prompt Writing Worksheet - Fun with Snowballs - Primary

Picture Prompt Writing Worksheet - Fun with Snowballs - Primary

Kids playing with snowballs picture prompt writing...

skip counting by eights worksheet

Skip Counting by Eight Worksheet

Use this skip counting worksheet for teaching your...

consonants vowels worksheet

Consonant and Vowels Hidden Letter Worksheet

Kids are asked to color the consonant and vowels w...

subtraction without borrowing worksheet

Subtraction Without Borrowing Worksheet 6

20 subtraction problems without borrowing

Fractions Simplifying Worksheet

Fractions Simplifying Worksheet

Practice simplifying fractions with this worksheet...

addition worksheet 1

Addition Worksheet 1

20 two digit addition problems

Simple Fraction Subtraction Worksheet 1

Simple Fraction Subtraction Worksheet 1

This fractions worksheet has 8 simple fraction sub...

color odd numbers worksheet

Color Odd Numbers

Look at the numbers on this worksheet and follow d...

measurement worksheet crayons

Measurement Worksheet - Measure the Crayons

Use the measurement bar to measure the different l...

long vowel e worksheet

Long Vowel E Worksheet

Fill in the missing long vowel E in each of the wo...

sentences with long e and ey words worksheet

Sentences with Long e and ey Words

Write sentences using long e and ey words from the...

addition worksheets

Multiplication Worksheet Generator

Generate printable multiplication worksheets using...

long i sound worksheet

Long Vowel I Sounds Worksheet

Circle all the picture of things that have the lon...