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2nd grade fill in the blanks vocabulary worksheet

Fill in the Blanks Vocabulary Worksheet 2

This worksheet has the words forest, evening, dire...

reading comprehension worksheet - going to the movies

Complete the Sentences - Going to the Movies Reading Comprehension Worksheet

Read the short story about going to the movies and...

separate compound words worksheet 1

Separate Compound Words Worksheet 1

Separate compound words and write the individual w...

phonics worksheet two

Consonant and Vowel Recognition Worksheet

Color in each of the shapes with a consonant one c...

long e sound worksheet

Long Vowel E Sounds Worksheet

Circle all the picture of things that have the lon...

consonant h worksheet

Beginning Consonants Letter H Worksheet

Circle all the words that begin the with consonant...

long vowel o worksheet

Long Vowel O Words Worksheet

Circle all the words that have a long vowel O soun...

single or plural worksheet

Single or Plural Worksheet

Should the word be singular or plural? Complete ea...

compound words worksheet 2

Compound Words Worksheet 2

Put the two words together in each row to make com...

read and sequence shopping story

Sequencing the Story Worksheet - Going Shopping

Read the story about going shopping and then write...

beginning sounds worksheet

Beginning Sounds - Set 1 : Worksheet Six of Six

Circle the letter that makes the beginning sound o...

consonant blends worksheet one

Consonant Blends Worksheet - One of Four

Identify the consonant blends sk, cl, pr and st.

word recognition worksheet vehicles

Vehicle Names Worksheet

Practice word recognition by matching the vehicles...

match consonant sounds worksheet two

Matching Consonant Sounds - Worksheet Two

Match the picture of the fan, bus, hat and lamp wi...