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easter counting three

Easter Worksheet - Count to Three

Count the Easter eggs and then circle or color ...

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valentines day counting 6

Valentine's Day Worksheet - Count to Six

Count the number of hearts and circle the corre...

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shorter length worksheet

Shorter Worksheet - Black and White

This black and white length worksheet asks kids...

Easter Number Line Worksheet

Easter Number Line Worksheet

Fill in the missing numbers on each of the numb...

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draw same size worksheet

Draw Same Size Worksheet

Kids are asked to look at the shape in each row...

Patriotic Missing Addends Worksheet

Patriotic Missing Addends Worksheet

Fill in each star and flag with the correct num...

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Writing Number Fourteen 14

Practice Writing the Number Fourteen

Practice writing the number 14 and the word fou...

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summer worksheet counting fourteen

Count the Shorts

Count the pairs of shorts and circle the correc...

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valentines day worksheet counting twelve

Valentine's Day Worksheet - Counting Twelve

Count the number of cupids and the circle the c...

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St. Patrick's Day Counting Practice Worksheet

St. Patrick's Day Counting Practice Worksheet

Count the shamrocks, leprechauns, rainbows and ...

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