Help kids practice counting to three (3) with this Easter worksheet. Children are asked to count the number of Easter eggs they see on the page and then circle or color the correct number. Print this worksheet out with the rest of our Easter worksheets to do with your kids!

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easter counting five

Easter Worksheet - Count to Five

Count the Easter baskets and then circle or color the correct number at the bottom.

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easter counting nine

Easter Worksheet - Count to Nine

Count the Easter bunnies and then circle or color the correct number at the bottom.

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easter counting practice

Easter Counting Practice Worksheet

Count the number of Easter pictures in each box and write the correct number in the space provided.

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Learning Number 3

Number Three Worksheet

Trace the word three, write on your own, then circle three of the suns.

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Counting Number Three 3

Practice Counting to Three

Count the boats and circle the correct number.

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easter matching worksheet

Easter Matching Worksheet

Match the Easter words on one side of the page with the Easter themed pictures on the other side.

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easter words worksheet

Easter Missing Letters Worksheet

Fill in the missing letters of each of the Easter words. Use the pictures to help.

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easter pictures matching

Easter Picture Matching Worksheet

Draw a line to match each of the Easter pictures on the left side of the page to the right.

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Easter alphabet worksheet

Easter Alphabet Worksheet - Tracing Capital Letters

Easter themed capital letter alphabet review worksheet.

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Easter Bunny Coloring Page

Easter Bunny Coloring Page

Color this Easter themed picture of the Easter Bunny sitting in grass with some Easter Eggs.

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easter tracing lines worksheet

Easter Tracing Lines Worksheet

Help the Easter bunny get to the Easter eggs and baskets by tracing the zig zag lines.

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