Help kids practice their early writing skills with this free Easter tracing lines worksheet. Help the Easter bunny get to the Easter eggs and baskets by tracing the zig zag lines.

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winter tracing lines worksheet

Winter Tracing Lines Worksheet

Help these children get dressed by tracing the lines to their winter clothes.

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drawing lines worksheet

Drawing Lines Worksheet

Help the airplanes fly across the page by tracing the lines from left to right on this printable worksheet.

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tracing straight lines

Tracing Lines Worksheet - Bottom to Top

Help the balloons rise to the top of the page by tracing the dashed lines from the bottom to the top on this worksheet.

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curved lines worksheet

Tracing Curved Lines Worksheet

Follow the balls bouncing across the page by tracing the curved lines from left to right in this printable preschool worksheet.

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tracing diagonal lines

Tracing Lines Worksheet

Help the kids sled down the hill by tracing the slanted lines in this worksheet.

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draw diagonal lines

Traceable Lines Worksheet

Help pull the wagons up the hill by tracing the slanted lines from bottom to top on this printable worksheet.

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draw lines worksheet

Kids Traceable Lines Worksheet

Tracing lines is an important step in writing readiness and this worksheet is perfect for any preschool lesson plan.

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Easter alphabet worksheet

Easter Alphabet Worksheet - Tracing Capital Letters

Easter themed capital letter alphabet review worksheet.

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tracing vertical lines

Trace Lines Down Worksheet

This worksheet will help kids develop their fine motor skills by tracing the dashed lines from the top down.

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tracing lines worksheets

11+ Tracing Lines Worksheets

Tracing lines of different types are the early development skills that kids need to prepare for writing. We sometimes refer to this set of worksheets as our writing readiness worksheets. Kids will have fun tracing the lines that go with the actions of the pictures on these printable pages.

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valentine's day tracing lines worksheet

Valentine's Day Tracing Lines Worksheet

Trace each of the straight lines to help the kids deliver their Valentine's Day gifts.

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easter worksheet alphabetize

Easter Alphabetical Order Worksheet

Read the Easter themed words and then re-write them on the lines in alphabetical order.

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