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reading comprehension worksheet

Reading Comprehension Worksheet - My house

Read the short story about the house and then a...

What's Wrong with the Picture - House

What's Wrong with the Picture - House

Circle the things that are out of place in this...

Presidents Day Maze

Presidents Day Maze

Help the presidents find their way to the white...

alphabet tracing letter h page

Letter H Tracing Page with Picture of a House

Trace the lowercase and uppercase versions of t...

skip counting by fours worksheet

Skip Counting by Fours Worksheet

Practice counting by fours with this skip count...

frog connect the dots worksheet

Connect the Dots from 1-5 Worksheet

Connect the dots - numbers 1 to 5

spelling -aw and -au words worksheet

Spelling Worksheets for Words with -aw and -au Pattern

Practice spelling with this set of five -aw and...

consonant h worksheet

Beginning Consonants Letter H Worksheet

Circle all the words that begin the with conson...

rhyming words worksheet

Rhyming Worksheet - Set 1 : Worksheet Three of Four

Look the pictures and connect the words that rh...