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less greater math worksheet

Less and Greater Worksheet Two

One section asks kids to find the numbers that ...

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least to greatest worksheet

Least to Greatest Worksheet

Kids are asked to look at each of the groups of...

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sequence least to greatest worksheets

Least to Greatest Sequencing

Help kids practice sequencing numbers from the ...

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greater than, less than or equal to worksheets

Greater Than, Less Than or Equal To Worksheets

A variety of different worksheets geared to hel...

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bar graph worksheet colors

Dinosaur Graphing Worksheet

Count the different kinds of dinosaurs and fill...

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less and greater worksheet

Less and Greater Worksheet One

Follow the instructions to find all the numbers...

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bar graph worksheet colors

Fall Graphing Worksheet

Count the leaves, acorns, apples and pumpkins a...

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bar graph worksheet colors

Valentine's Day Graphing Worksheet

Count the hearts, flowers, cards and candies an...

bar graph worksheet colors

Labor Day Graphing Worksheet

Count the Labor Day items and then fill in the ...

bar graph worksheet colors

Christmas Graphing Worksheet

Count the snowflakes, Christmas trees, Santas a...

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bar graph worksheet colors

Halloween Graphing Worksheet

Count the bats, ghosts, cauldrons and pumpkins ...

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greater less

Greater and Less

Complete the sentence by writing “greater” or “...

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bar graph worksheet colors

Thanksgiving Graphing Worksheet

Count the pilgrims, turkeys, pumpkins and corn ...

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bar graph worksheet colors

Memorial Day Graphing Worksheet

Count the Memorial Day items and then fill in t...

bar graph worksheet colors

4th of July Graphing Worksheet

Count the flags, fireworks, stars and burgers a...

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