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picture addition worksheets

Adding Worksheets

Kids will have some fun while learning addition wi...

picture addition worksheets

Addition Word Problems

We have several addition word problem worksheets t...

addition math worksheets

Mixed Addition Worksheets

This section of addition math worksheets focuses o...

addition worksheets with carrying

Addition Worksheets - With Carrying

This set of addition worksheets includes printable...

easy addition math worksheets

Easy Addition Worksheets

Kids can practice their basic addition skills with...

addition worksheets without carrying

Addition Worksheets - Without Carrying

This set of printable addition worksheets for kids...

addition practice worksheets

Math Help - Addition Worksheet Generator

Use our free generator to help kids with learning ...

adding worksheet

Adding Worksheet - Shapes

Count the shapes and practice simple addition

adding worksheet

Adding Worksheet - Sports

Write simple addition equations on the lines

adding worksheet

Adding Worksheet - Fruit

Simple picture addition worksheet with a fruit the...

adding worksheet

Adding Worksheet - Animals

Farm animal theme picture addition worksheet

four digit addition worksheet

4 Digit Addition Worksheet

20 four digit addition problems

addition equations worksheet shapes

Addition Equations Worksheet - Shapes

Count the shapes and write the numbers to make add...

addition equations worksheet vehicles

Addition Equations Worksheet - Vehicles

Count the vehicles and write the basic addition eq...