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height worksheets

Tall and Short Worksheets - Kids Learn Height

This set of printable worksheets is designed to...

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preschool same different worksheets

Same and Different Worksheets for Kids

This set of printable preschool worksheets is d...

  • 81,393
full and empty worksheets

Full and Empty Worksheets for Kids

This collection of free worksheets is dedicated...

  • 42,438
learn left right worksheet animals

Learn Left and Right Worksheet - Animals Theme

Help kids learn their left and right with this ...

  • 3,392
tall and short worksheet

Tall and Short Worksheet

Kids are asked to determine which objects are t...

  • 1,536
shortest worksheet

Shortest Worksheet - Black and White

This black and white worksheet asks kids to fin...

days of the week worksheets

Days of the Week Worksheets

Check out this set of days worksheets which wil...

  • 62,456
drawing opposites worksheets

Learning Opposites Worksheets - Draw the Opposite

This set of opposites worksheets is engaging fo...

  • 10,187
smallest worksheet

Smallest Worksheet

Black and white version of our smallest workshe...

  • 1,165
longest worksheet

Longest Worksheet - Black and White

This black and white longest worksheet asks kid...

opposite words worksheet - fast/slow and quiet/loud

Opposite Words - Fast/Slow and Quiet/Loud

Kids look at the pictures and then write the op...

  • 2,547
learn left right worksheet vehicles

Learn Left and Right Worksheet - Vehicles Theme

Help kids learn their left and right with this ...

  • 3,266
before worksheet animals

Animals Before Worksheet

Before worksheet - kids are asked to find the a...

  • 6,353
thinking activity worksheet numbers

Thinking Skills Activity Worksheet - Numbers

There are 3 clues in this thinking skills works...

  • 4,693
thinking activity worksheet

Thinking Skills Worksheet - Shapes Clues

Kids need to use their thinking skills to choos...

  • 3,626