Help kids learn opposites with this set of printable learning worksheets. Kids are asked to look at each picture and then follow the directions to draw a picture of the opposite in the space provided. Kids will really be engaged with these opposites worksheets since they are asked to think about what the opposite thing looks like and actually draw a picture that represents it. These opposite worksheets will make a great addition to any preschool or kindergarten lesson plan!

draw the opposite - boy/girl and happy/sad

Draw the Opposite - Boy/Girl and Happy/Sad

  • 3,602
draw the opposite - day/night and sit/stand

Draw the Opposite - Day/Night and Sit/Stand

  • 2,331
draw the opposite - stop/go and cold/hot

Draw the Opposite - Stop/Go and Cold/Hot

  • 1,406
draw the opposite - tall/short and full/empty

Draw the Opposite - Tall/Short and Full/Empty

  • 2,070