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dinosaur counting worksheet

Count and Color the Dinosaurs

Count and color numbers 1 - 5

color verbs and nouns worksheet

Color the Nouns and Verbs

Read each word and decide if it is a noun or verb....

2nd grade adverb, verb and noun worksheet

Color the Adverbs, Verbs and Nouns Worksheet

Find and color the nouns, verbs, adjectives and ad...

phone call writing worksheet

Think, Draw and Write Phone Worksheet

What is she talking about on the phone?

sight words the little

Sight Words Worksheet - The and Little

Write the words "the" and "little" and then circle...

3rd grade adverbs nouns verbs and adjectives worksheet

Color the Adverbs, Verbs, Nouns and Adjectives

Read and decide if each word is a noun, verb, adje...

colors and shapes worksheet

Shapes and Colors Worksheet

Follow the directions and color the shapes the cor...

Learn Orange

Learn the Color Orange

Draw something that is orange and then trace and w...

Learn BlackWhite

Learn the Color BlackWhite

Draw something that is black and white and then tr...

Learn Blue

Learn the Color Blue

Draw something that is blue and then trace and wri...

Learn Purple

Learn the Color Purple

Draw something that is purple and then trace and w...

Learn Red

Learn the Color Red

Draw something that is red and then trace and writ...

Learn Green

Learn the Color Green

Draw something that is green and then trace and wr...

Learn Brown

Learn the Color Brown

Draw something that is brown and then trace and wr...