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matching antonyms worksheet

Matching Antonyms Worksheet

This worksheet explains what an antonym is and ...

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matching opposites worksheet 3

Matching Opposites Worksheet 3

Match each of the pictures of stop, cold and fa...

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matching opposites worksheet 2

Matching Opposites Worksheet 2

Draw a line to match the opposites of the words...

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matching go togethers worksheets

Matching Go Togethers Worksheets

Kids will have fun learning to recognize things...

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ending consonant matching worksheets

Matching Ending Consonants Worksheets

This set of printable ending consonants workshe...

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addition worksheets with carrying

Addition Worksheets - With Carrying

This set of addition worksheets includes printa...

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subtraction worksheets without borrowing

Subtraction Worksheets - Without Borrowing

Check out this set of subtraction worksheets if...

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