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Learn BlackWhite

Learn the Color BlackWhite

Draw something that is black and white and then...

  • 1,694
Learn Orange

Learn the Color Orange

Draw something that is orange and then trace an...

  • 1,783
Learn Green

Learn the Color Green

Draw something that is green and then trace and...

  • 1,852
Recognize Orange

Recognize the Color Orange

Circle all the things that are orange.

  • 6,563
complementary colors worksheet

Complementary Colors Worksheet

Learn about complementary colors with this simp...

  • 2,432
color wheel worksheet

Color Wheel Worksheet

Identify the primary and secondary colors on th...

  • 4,518
Recognize Brown

Recognize the Color Brown

Circle all the things that are brown.

  • 8,736
Recognize Pink

Recognize the Color Pink

Circle all the things that are pink.

  • 6,761
Learn Yellow

Learn the Color Yellow

Draw something that is yellow and then trace an...

  • 1,934
warm and cool colors worksheet

Warm and Cool Colors Worksheet

Identify colors and their "temperature" in this...

  • 3,323
Learn Brown

Learn the Color Brown

Draw something that is brown and then trace and...

  • 1,575
Learn Blue

Learn the Color Blue

Draw something that is blue and then trace and ...

  • 4,008
Recognize Green

Recognize the Color Green

Circle all the things that are green.

  • 9,670
preschool colors sheet

Printable Colors Worksheet - Matching Colors

Draw a line to match each of the objects with i...

  • 4,163
Learn Pink

Learn the Color Pink

Draw something that is pink and then trace and ...

  • 2,212