Teach kids to recognize the color pink. This printable colors worksheet will help children practice recognizing the color pink. Learning colors is an important part of a preschool age child's curriculum and this worksheet is part of a series designed to help kids learn the color pink and all the other basic colors. This worksheet asks kids to identify the objects that are pink in the pictures on the page and then circle them. This worksheet will help develop a childs sense of the color pink since the objects vary in shades of pink.

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Learn Pink

Learn the Color Pink

Draw something that is pink and then trace and write the word "pink".

match colors worksheet

Match Colors Worksheet

Match each colored crayon with the object of the same color.

color recognition worksheets

Color Recognition Worksheets for Kids

This collection of worksheets will help you teach your child their basic colors. We have one worksheet for each basic color and children are asked to circle all the images on a page that are the specific color for that page. These printables are perfect preschool color worksheets.

phonics worksheet

Recognize Consonants and Vowels Worksheet

Practice the ability to recognize consonants and vowels by coloring in the shapes that have consonants one color and vowels a different color.

Recognize Brown

Recognize the Color Brown

Circle all the things that are brown.

Recognize Red

Recognize the Color Red

Circle all the things that are red.

Recognize Blue

Recognize the Color Blue

Circle all the things that are blue.

Recognize BlackWhite

Recognize the Color BlackWhite

Circle all the things that are black and white.

Recognize Yellow

Recognize the Color Yellow

Circle all the things that are yellow.

Recognize Purple

Recognize the Color Purple

Circle all the things that are purple.

Recognize Green

Recognize the Color Green

Circle all the things that are green.

Recognize Orange

Recognize the Color Orange

Circle all the things that are orange.