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counting by tens worksheet

Summer Count and Color Worksheet

Count and color the correct number of suns, bea...

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simple subtraction worksheet one

Easy Subtraction Worksheet 1

20 simple subtraction problems

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ordinal numbers matching

Learning Ordinal Numbers

Cut out the ordinal numbers at the bottom of th...

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ordinal numbers matching

Ordinals Match Worksheet

Cut out the ordinal numbers at the bottom of th...

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place value worksheets

Place Value Worksheets - Tens and Ones

This collection of place value worksheets will ...

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coin names worksheet

Drawing Pennies

Draw the correct amount of pennies to match the...

coin names worksheet

Drawing Quarters

Draw the correct amount of quarters to match th...

coin names worksheet

Make Cents from Dimes

Color in the correct amount of quarters to matc...

coin names worksheet

Drawing Dimes

Draw the correct amount of dimes to match the t...

coin names worksheet

Drawing Nickels

Draw the correct amount of nickels to match the...

skip counting by fours worksheet

Skip Counting by Fours Worksheet

Practice counting by fours with this skip count...

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easy subtraction worksheet four

Easy Subtraction Worksheet 4

20 simple subtraction problems

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easy addition math worksheets

Easy Addition Worksheets

Kids can practice their basic addition skills w...

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color odd and even numbers worksheets

Color Odd and Even Numbers

This group of odd and even worksheets leverages...

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addition math worksheets

Mixed Addition Worksheets

This section of addition math worksheets focuse...

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