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triangular prism worksheet

Triangular Prism Worksheet

What is a triangular prism?

cuboid worksheet

Cuboid Worksheet

What is a cuboid?

cube worksheet

Cube Worksheet

What is a cube?

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cone worksheet

Cone Worksheet

What is a cone?

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cylinder worksheet

Cylinder Worksheet

What is a cylinder?

sphere worksheet

Sphere Worksheet

What is a sphere?

trapezoid worksheet

Trapezoid Worksheet

Learn about the trapezoids, then trace the word...

square worksheet

Square Worksheet

Learn about the squares, then trace the word an...

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rhombus worksheet

Rhombus Worksheet

Learn about the rhombus, then trace the word an...

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rectangle worksheet

Rectangles Worksheet

Learn about rectangles and then trace the word ...

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pyramid worksheet

Pyramid Worksheet

What is a pyramid?

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polygon worksheet

Polygons Worksheet 2

Learn about different types of polygons by matc...

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parallelogram worksheet

Parallelogram Worksheet

Learn about parallelograms and draw some on you...

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3 dimensional shapes worksheets

3 Dimensional Shapes Worksheets

Check out our collection of 3D shapes worksheet...

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counting by tens worksheet

St. Patrick's Day Count and Color Worksheet

Count and color the correct number of shamrocks...

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