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colors and shapes worksheet

Shapes and Colors Worksheet

Follow the directions and color the shapes the correct colors

kids colors and shapes

Teaching Colors and Shapes to Kids

Follow the directions and color the shapes the right colors

shapes coloring pages

Shapes Coloring Pages

Have some fun coloring and learning shapes at the same time with these shapes coloring pages.

color the 3d shapes worksheet

Color the 3D Shapes Worksheet

Identify and color all the 3D shapes.

shapes and colors worksheets

Shape and Colors Worksheets

These worksheets are perfect for kids to practice the basic preschool shapes and colors in one fun activity! Kids are asked to color the specific shapes specific colors which helps them learn both at the same time.

Spring Showers Color by Shapes

Spring Showers Color by Shapes

Use the key to color each section the correct color based on the shape inside it.

Free Square Worksheet

Square Worksheet

Trace squares, then draw some on your own. Then color all the squares in the picture.

3d shape matching worksheet

3D Shape Matching Worksheet

Match each of the 3D shape outlines with item of that shape.


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