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Celebrate the hundredth day of school in style with the 100 Piece Puzzle Picture Frame! This craft, made from cardboard, a 100 piece puzzle, and glue is simple enough for children of all ages. Once complete, take a picture on the hundredth day of school and place it inside the picture frame. What a fun way to use an old puzzle!
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What You'll Need


Use the ruler and pencil to draw an eight inches by six inches rectangle on the cardboard. Draw a smaller rectangle in the center that is six inches by four inches.


Using scissors, carefully cut out the inner rectangle.


Place glue on the picture frame and glue down the puzzle pieces. You can layer the pieces, make them overlap, or create a design with them. Allow the glue to dry.


Decorate the small piece of cardstock with markers and write, “Happy 100 Day” on it. Glue it to the bottom of the frame. Allow the glue to dry.


Cut out a piece of cardboard that is eight inches by six inches. Once you have selected a picture to put inside your frame, simply place glue on the edges and back of the picture and glue the picture in between the cardboard rectangle and picture frame.


Your frame is now complete. Take a picture to mark the hundredth day of school and place it inside! Want to make a puzzle piece wreath instead? Simply cut out a circle instead of a rectangle. Follow the instructions above and punch a hole in the top to tie a ribbon through. Now you can hang your pretty wreath on any door!