Preschoolers will find this craft entertaining and parents will find it educational´┐Ż what a winning combination! Children will be enticed by the twenty-six household objects that they can glue onto cardstock. While crafting, children will practice writing the letters of the alphabet and discussing the sounds these letters make. Once complete, you will have a set of alphabet flashcards to take with you wherever you go!

What you'll need:

  • 5 pieces of cardstock
  • scissors
  • Tacky glue
  • Black marker
  • Ziploc bag
  • Enough of each of the following to cover the corresponding letter of the alphabet:
    • A = Apple Jacks cereal
    • B = beads
    • C = cotton balls
    • D = hole punched or cut out dots
    • E = egg shells
    • F = fish shaped crackers
    • G = glitter
    • H = heart stickers or heart cutouts
    • I = ink pad fingerprints
    • J = juice container or juice box wrappers
    • K = kidney beans
    • L = leaves
    • M =macaroni
    • N = nuts
    • O = oats
    • P = popcorn kernels
    • Q = Q-tips
    • R = rice
    • S = sand
    • T = tissue paper/tissues
    • U = plastic utensils
    • V = produce (vegetable) stickers
    • W = walnuts
    • X = eXtra gum wrappers
    • Y = yarn
    • Z = zoo animal stickers
How to make your touch the alphabet flashcards:
  1. Using scissors, cut each piece of cardstock into quarters. (see photos)
  2. Using the black marker, write one letter of the alphabet on each piece of cardstock. Depending on your preference, you can write either capital letters or lower case letters. (see photos)
  3. Using glue, trace the black "A" written on the cardstock. Cover the glue with Apple Jacks and set aside to dry. (see photos)
  4. Repeat with each letter of the alphabet, covering the glue with the corresponding items listed above. Allow each letter to dry completely. (see photos)
  5. Once all of the letters are dry, place them in the Ziploc bag for storage. (see photos)
  6. Your Touch the Alphabet Flashcards are now ready for you to bring everywhere! (see photos)
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