Ever wished you lived somewhere different? After reading the story Town Mouse, Country Mouse by Jan Brett you are sure to feel differently. This story reminds us of all the wonderful things our home provides for us. Children will love the story as much as they will love making their own paper bag houses in the Town Mouse, Country Mouse Paper Bag Houses craft. This is the perfect craft for children of all ages and can be adapted for any classroom!

What you'll need:

How to make your Town Mouse, Country Mouse Paper Bag Houses:
  • Using markers or crayons, decorate your two paper bags. Decorate one to look like the town house and decorate one to look like the country house from the story. (see photos)
  • Once your bag is completely decorated, open it up and fold the top down one to two inches. Glue the flap in place and allow to dry. (see photos)
  • Print out the Town Mouse, Country Mouse Paper Bag Houses template. Color the mice and cut them out. Don't forget to draw clothes on them! Cut four small squares of cardstock. Fold down the bottom half inch. Place glue on this section and glue to the back of each of the mice cutouts so that they can stand up. (see photos)
  • If you would prefer to have exact replicas of the Mr. and Mrs. Town Mouse and Mr. and Mrs. Country Mouse, you can check out the author's website (Jan Brett), which features printable finger puppets!
  • Your Town House and Country House are complete. Have fun playing with the mice and their houses!
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