What a cute way to make Valentine crafting fun, with a mouse made from paper and a pipe cleaner. Not only are they creating but they are also learning about the famous valentine shape - a heart! Any child is sure to have fun with this craft, especially with the fuzzy pipe cleaner tail. And when you use the template provided, this craft is super simple and easy.

What you'll need:

How to make your Mouse Valentine Craft
  1. Print the template provided and cut out the pieces. Choose the color of paper you want your mouse to be and fold the paper in half.
  2. Grab piece number one from the template and place the straight edge onto the fold and trace then cut out.
  3. Once you have it cut out unfold and tape your pipe cleaner between the two humps of the heart and put glue on one side of the heart and then fold down again.
  4. Meanwhile trace and cut the hearts and glue the small one on top of the larger one. Then glue those hearts onto the mouse for ears.
  5. Cut the 3 skinny strips for the whiskers and glue them under the nose.
  6. Lastly you can add a goodly eye and use a black marker for the nose to color on a nose and bend the tail any way you like. And there you have an adorable Valentine mouse!
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