Jesus is the reason for the season! This craft is fun and easy for all ages to make at home, church or school. It's also a great tool to use when learning the story of the birth of Jesus. You can set this out for everyone to see or hang on your Christmas tree as an ornament.

What you'll need:

  • dry, clean milk carton
  • small wooden bead
  • brown paint and paint brush
  • hole punch
  • blank sheet of white paper
  • piece of felt (to use for the blanket)
  • gold pipe cleaner
  • craft straw or cut up brown paper to make straw
  • wooden star or button star (if wooden, you might need yellow paint or paint marker)
  • glue
  • fine tipped black pen or sharpie
How to make your nativity craft
  1. Cut your milk carton at least � of the way down. You just want the bottom and a little of the sides.
  2. Paint the milk carton (manger) brown.
  3. Let dry and then punch a hole on both sides of the manger. Wrap the gold pipe cleaner through the holes and make an arch. (just in case you want to hang on the tree)
  4. Glue your star to the arch of the pipe cleaner.
  5. Draw a tiny baby face on the wooden bead.
  6. Fold and roll your blank piece of paper to be the body of baby Jesus.
  7. Glue the wooden bead (head) to the top of the rolled paper. (see pic)
  8. Use craft straw or cut up brown paper and put inside the manger.
  9. Swaddle your baby Jesus (roll him up like a burrito) and place him in the manger. You can glue the felt if it comes undone.
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