Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to learn about Native Americans. This cute craft uses your child's painted hand to create the face and feathers of a Native American child. Most children love the feeling of having their hands painted. In our preschool class, we have used the picture for a bulletin board decoration as well as the cover of our school Thanksgiving feast invitation.

What you'll need:

  • Orange, white, brown, green, red, yellow and blue paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Black and brown markers
  • White paper
How to make your Native American Handprint craft:
  • Paint palm of hand light brown which can be made by mixing brown,white and a little orange paint.
  • Paint each finger blue, yellow,green and red.
  • Press hand firmly onto paper. When lifting up from paper, be sure hand comes up completely straight without moving to prevent smudges.
  • When the paint is dry,draw a simple headband with markers.
  • Draw hair around face.
  • Use black marker to create details on feathers as shown.
  • Use black marker to draw a face.
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