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Our daughter is a preschooler now and we wanted to find a craft to help explain what a cornucopia is. This paper cornucopia craft was the answer. We really enjoyed coloring the pictures of the food (in our provided template) and gluing them into our cornucopia. We discussed how a cornucopia was a basket and how we should be thankful that we have plenty of food to fill our basket up. This paper cornucopia craft is a fantastic, simple preschool Thanksgiving craft and our whole family enjoyed making it.
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What You'll Need


Print our cornucopia template out. To make this easy, we trimmed a piece of brown construction paper down to the size of a regular piece of printer paper and printed directly onto the construction paper. We then went over the outline with a black crayon to make the lines stand out a bit more.


Print our food template out onto white paper. Color the food in with crayons.


Cut the food out and glue it onto the cornucopia.