Tom and Tammy Turkey will take center stage in any puppet show once your child makes the Tom and Tammy Turkey Hand Puppets. Craft two adorable hand puppets from old gloves, feathers, wiggly eyes, and scraps of felt or cardstock. These turkeys look so real when they are finished that you may want to hide them on Thanksgiving Day!

What you'll need:

  • 2 gloves (color does not matter)
  • 2 wiggly eyes
  • Small piece red cardstock
  • 1 yellow or orange pipe cleaner
  • Scissors
  • Feathers
  • Glue
How to make your Thanksgiving game
  • Glue the wiggly eyes onto either both gloves thumbs. Allow the glue to dry. (see photos)
  • Bend a small part of the pipe cleaner to form a beak and cut. Make a second beak. Glue these to the thumbs, underneath the wiggly eye. Allow the glue to dry. (see photos)
  • Cut two small tear drop shapes out of red cardstock and glue to the glove, directly below the turkeys' beaks. Allow the glue to dry. (see photos)
  • Glue the feathers to the other four fingers of each of the gloves. Allow the glue to dry. (see photos)
  • Your turkeys are now ready to put on a puppet show!
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