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Letter Matching Game

Letter Matching Game

Cut out the letter cards and try to match each ...

story sequence worksheet

Story Sequence Worksheet

Look at the pictures in each section of this st...

sight word search are, in, like, my, on, ride, see and this

Sight Word Recognition - are, in, like, my, on, ride, see and this

Find and circle the sight words from the word b...

black and white same shape worksheet

Same Shape Worksheet - Black and White

Black and white, shape themed same worksheet

draw same size worksheet

Draw Same Size Worksheet - Black and White

Kids are asked to look at the shape in each row...

same worksheet

Same Worksheet

Find and circle the picture that is the same as...

Name the Angles Worksheet

Name the Angles Worksheet

Follow the example and name each of the angles.

easter worksheet same

Easter Worksheet - Same

Look at the Easter picture in each row and then...

same size worksheet

Patriotic Same Size Worksheet

Identify the stars, flags, burgers and BBQs tha...

same size worksheet

Halloween Same Size Worksheet

Identify the bats, pumpkins, monsters and cauld...