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coins worksheet

Coins Worksheet

Match each coin to its value

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coin names worksheet

Money Worksheet - Coin Names

Match each coin with its name

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coin names and value worksheets

Coin Names and Value Worksheets

This set of free money worksheets will help kid...

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counting by tens worksheet

Thanksgiving Count and Color Worksheet

Count and color the correct number of pies, pum...

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Thanksgiving Word Scramble Worksheet

Thanksgiving Word Scramble Worksheet

Unscramble the words turkey, pilgrim, corn, pie...

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bar graph worksheet colors

Thanksgiving Graphing Worksheet

Count the pilgrims, turkeys, pumpkins and corn ...

  • 3,252
Thanksgiving Read and Color Worksheet

Thanksgiving Read and Color Worksheet

Read the directions and color the turkey, pumpk...

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same ending consonants worksheet three

Same Ending Consonants - Worksheet Three

Find the pictures that end with the same conson...

ending consonants worksheet three

Ending Consonants Sounds - Worksheet Three

Circle the ending consonant for the words hat, ...

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Thanksgiving Beginning Sounds Cut and Paste Worksheet

Thanksgiving Beginning Sounds Cut and Paste Worksheet

Cut out the letters and paste them next to the ...

rhyming worksheet three

Rhyming Worksheet - Set 3 : Worksheet 3 of 4

Match the words that rhyme by drawing a line to...

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consonant c worksheet

Beginning Consonants Letter C Worksheet

Circle all the words that begin the with conson...

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short vowel matching worksheet

Short Vowel Matching Worksheet - One of Four

Match the words net, pig, bat, frog and truck w...

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