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easter matching worksheet

Easter Matching Worksheet

Match the Easter words on one side of the page ...

easter pictures matching

Easter Picture Matching Worksheet

Draw a line to match each of the Easter picture...

Easter Number Matching Worksheet

Easter Number Matching Worksheet

Draw a line to match the baskets, eggs, chicks ...

Easter Missing Addends Worksheet

Easter Missing Addends Worksheet

Fill in each egg and basket with the correct nu...

Easter Cut and Paste Letter Matching Worksheet

Easter Cut and Paste Letter Matching Worksheet

Cut out the lowercase letters X, T, E, U, H, I,...

Easter Rounding Worksheet

Easter Rounding Worksheet

Practice rounding with a fun Easter theme.

easter counting worksheet

Easter Counting Worksheet

Follow the instructions in each box and circle ...

Easter Expanded Form Worksheet

Easter Expanded Form Worksheet

Break apart the numbers in each egg and write i...

easter counting practice

Easter Counting Practice Worksheet

Count the number of Easter pictures in each box...

easter worksheet alphabetize

Easter Alphabetical Order Worksheet

Read the Easter themed words and then re-write ...

Easter alphabet worksheet

Easter Alphabet Worksheet - Tracing Capital Letters

Easter themed capital letter alphabet review wo...

about me cursive writing practice worksheet

Easter Writing Practice Worksheet

Write a little bit about Easter.

easter counting eleven

Easter Worksheet - Number Eleven

Count the bunnies and then circle or color the ...

easter counting fifteen

Easter Worksheet - Number Fifteen

Count the flowers and then circle or color the ...