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teaching sight words worksheets

Teaching Sight Words

This set of printable sight word worksheets foc...

teach above and below worksheet

Teach Above and Below

This above and below worksheet asks children to...

more than one worksheet

Teaching More Than One

Look at the pictures in each box and then decid...

shapes worksheets

Teach Children Shapes - Preschool Worksheets

Help kids learn their basic shapes with this co...

length worksheets

Teach Length - Long and Short Worksheets

Use this set of printable worksheets to teach k...

color worksheets

Teach Children Colors - Printable Color Worksheets

Help kids learn their basic colors with this co...

kids colors and shapes

Teaching Colors and Shapes to Kids

Follow the directions and color the shapes the ...

learn even odd worksheet

Teach Even and Odd Worksheet

Each box contains a number and kids are asked i...

summer worksheet counting six

Count the Beach Balls

Count the beach balls and circle the correct nu...

Beach Color by Number

Beach Color by Number

Use the key to color the beach scene.

reading comprehension worksheet - beach story

Beginner Reading Comprehension - At the Beach

Read the short story about the beach and then a...