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circle worksheet

Circle Worksheet

Trace the circles, draw some on your own, then col...

Free Circle Worksheet

Circle Worksheet

Trace circles, then draw some on your own. Then c...

Learning Circles

Traceable Circles Worksheet

Trace the different size circles and then draw som...

word recognition worksheet shapes

Shape Names Recognition Worksheet

Draw a line to match each shape with its name.

shapes worksheets

Preschool Shapes Worksheets

This collection of free worksheets will help you t...

find the sum worksheet shapes

Shapes Theme Addition Problems

Use the pictures to count and subtract and get the...

monsters dinosaurs and robots story sequence worksheet

Monsters, Dinosaurs and Robots Story Sequence Worksheet

Look at the pictures and then write the correct nu...

draw and find shapes worksheets

Draw and Find Shapes Worksheets

This is our best set of shapes worksheet yet! In t...

circle fractions worksheet

Circle Fractions Worksheet

Look at each of the circles which visually shows a...

circle verbs in sentences

Circle the Verbs Worksheet

Circle the verbs in each of the sentences and then...