This collection of shapes worksheets features all the standard 3 dimensional shapes for kids to learn about. This includes shapes like a sphere, cylinder, cube, cone and more. Kids get to learn about each shape, trace the word and practice recognizing it in a group of 3d shapes. Plus we have some 3d shape review worksheets that have them working will all of the shapes in one worksheet.

3d shape matching worksheet

3D Shape Matching Worksheet

  • 15,561
polygon worksheet

3D Shape Matching Worksheet

polygon worksheet

3D Shape Name Matching Worksheet

3d shape recognition worksheet

3D Shape Recognition Worksheet

  • 5,253
3d shape to name matching worksheet

3D Shape to Name Matching Worksheet

  • 11,216
color the 3d shapes worksheet

Color the 3D Shapes Worksheet

  • 3,772
cone properties worksheet

Cone Properties Worksheet

  • 1,379
cone worksheet

Cone Worksheet

  • 1,836
cube properties worksheet

Cube Properties Worksheet

  • 2,397
cube worksheet

Cube Worksheet

  • 1,783
cuboid properties worksheet

Cuboid Properties Worksheet

  • 1,249
cuboid worksheet

Cuboid Worksheet

  • 1,210
polygon worksheet

Cut and Paste Matching Shapes

cylinder properties worksheet

Cylinder Properties Worksheet

  • 1,032
cylinder worksheet

Cylinder Worksheet

different kinds of pyramids worksheet

Different Kinds of Pyramids Worksheet

faces, edges and vertices worksheet

Faces, Edges and Vertices Worksheet

  • 2,796
polygon worksheet

Name the 3D Shapes

pyramid properties worksheet

Pyramid Properties Worksheet

  • 1,143
pyramid worksheet

Pyramid Worksheet

  • 2,332
sphere properties worksheet

Sphere Properties Worksheet

  • 1,120
sphere worksheet

Sphere Worksheet

  • 1,179
triangular prism properties worksheet

Triangular Prism Properties Worksheet

triangular prism worksheet

Triangular Prism Worksheet

  • 1,249
what shape am i worksheet

What Shape am I?

  • 2,143