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Halloween Rounding Worksheet

Halloween Rounding Worksheet

Practice rounding with a fun Halloween theme.

bar graph worksheet colors

Halloween Bar Graph Worksheet

Use the bar graph to answer the questions about Ha...

Halloween Number Line Worksheet

Halloween Number Line Worksheet

Fill in the missing numbers on each of the number ...

Halloween Missing Addends Worksheet

Halloween Missing Addends Worksheet

Fill in each pumpkin and cauldron with the correct...

counting by tens worksheet

Halloween Find and Count Worksheet

Find and count the bats, cauldrons, candies and mo...

bar graph worksheet colors

Halloween Graphing Worksheet

Count the bats, ghosts, cauldrons and pumpkins and...

greater than less than picture comparison worksheet

Halloween Greater, Less Than Coloring Worksheet

Follow the instructions and color the pumpkins, gh...

subtraction worksheets

Subtraction Worksheets for Kids

This set of free math worksheets is geared towards...

addition worksheets

Addition Worksheets

This collection of addition worksheets includes si...

skip counting worksheets

Counting Worksheets

We have several different types of counting worksh...

addition math worksheets

Mixed Addition Worksheets

This section of addition math worksheets focuses o...

easy addition math worksheets

Easy Addition Worksheets

Kids can practice their basic addition skills with...

measurement worksheets

Measurement Worksheets

We have a nice variety of free measurement workshe...

addition practice worksheets

Math Help - Addition Worksheets

This group of addition worksheets included a varie...